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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
objects.gui.aboutDialog.aboutDialogCode generated by "Boa Constructor"
objects.gui.animatedLoaderIcon.animatedLoaderIconWrapper class for the wx.animate.GIFAnimationCtrl class
objects.gui.displayer.applicationEntityDisplayer.applicationEntityDisplayerThe applicationEntityDisplayer is a specialized class which knows how to set additional drawing attributes for a given entity
objects.gui.appOptions.appOptionsCode generated by "Boa Constructor"
objects.logic.common.threads.appThreadBase.appThreadBaseBase class for all thread based objects
objects.logic.entity.filter.baseFilter.baseFilterThe baseFilter class contains all filtering logic needed to determine if a given networkEntity should be displayed interface to some network capturing API
objects.logic.configuration.configurator.configuratorBase class for all configurator type objects
objects.logic.utils.conversionUtil.conversionUtilA class containing various conversion related functions
objects.logic.entity.filter.customFilter.customFilterThe Custom filter inherits from the baseFilter object
objects.logic.configuration.displayConfigurator.displayConfiguratorThe displayConfigurator class is the interface for the "displaySettings.ini" configuration file, which stores all configuration found in the "Display Settings" window
objects.gui.displaySettings.displaySettingsCode generated by "Boa Constructor"
objects.gui.peerGridDisplay.entityColumnSorterThis class is simply a wrapper for a networked entity object which binds its attributes with actual columns on the Peer ListCtrl object in the peerGridDisplayer class
objects.gui.displayer.entityDisplayer.entityDisplayerThe entityDisplayer is a base class which knows how to set the drawing attributes for a given entity
objects.logic.entity.entityManager.entityManagerThe entityManager class maintains two dictionaries of entities in the form of:
objects.logic.entity.entityStatistics.entityStatisticsThe Entity Statistics class will contain various useful statistics built from either a series of decoded packets or list of entities
objects.logic.common.exception.exceptionBase Exception class
objects.logic.process.extXportTableDict.extXportTableDictThis extXportTableDict class is a singleton which knows how to return the one and only instance of the __xportImpl class
objects.logic.process.extXportTableDict.extXportTableDict.extXportTableDict.__xportImplActual implementation class for extXportTableDict
eyespy.eyespyThe eyespy class essentially acts as the main entry point for the application Every wxWidgets application must have a class derived from wx.App
objects.gui.figureAxesWrapper.figureAxesWrapperThe figureAxesWrapper class contains several wrapper and helper functions to manipulate the Matplotlib Axes objects
objects.logic.entity.filter.filterDictionary.filterDictionaryThe filter dictionary contains all items from a networkEntity which are filterable
objects.gui.filterSettings.filterSettingsCode generated by "Boa Constructor"
objects.geoip.geoIPUtils.geoIPUtilsThe geoIPUtils class is collection of various methods used to import the GEO IP database into the application
objects.logic.common.globalStrings.globalStringsGlobal Strings
objects.logic.common.logger.loggerGeneric Logger class
objects.gui.mainFrame.mainFrameThe mainFrame class represents the application's main window
objects.gui.mainFrameContainer.mainFrameContainerBase class for any object containe within the main application Frame This class does nothing more that set a pointer the parent frame in its constructor
objects.gui.mainFrameMap.mainFrameMapMatplotlib Basemap container
objects.gui.mainFrameMenuBar.mainFrameMenuBarMenu bar class
objects.gui.mainFramePopupMenu.mainFramePopupMenuRight click Popup menu object
objects.gui.mainFrameToolbar.mainFrameToolbarThis class represents the ToolBar object attached to the mainFrame object
objects.gui.mainFrameToolWindow.mainFrameToolWindowThis class represents the ToolTip window which is displayed when the mouse hovers over a map EndPoint
objects.gui.threads.mouseHoverThread.mouseHoverThreadThe mouseHoverThread is used to track when the mouse has stopped moving over the map
objects.logic.entity.networkEntity.networkEntityAn entity is a simple object containing various properties of an Endpoint or Peer (both terms) are used throughout the documentation one and only networkMonitor
objects.gui.networkSettings.networkSettingsNetworkSettings class represents the "Network Settings" window which is used to configure which network adapter to monitor
objects.gui.mainFrame.NoRepaintCanvasFigureCanvasWxAgg subclass, overriding the _onPaint method, so that the draw method is only called for the first two paint events
objects.logic.common.observerInterface.observerInterfaceThe observer interface represents a very simple observer
objects.logic.configuration.optionsConfigurator.optionsConfiguratorThe options configurator is the interface for the "options.ini" configuration file which stores all settings found in the "Options" window packetDecoder is a wrapper class for several Impacket and pcapy objects, and is used to turn a string of raw bytes, representing an Ethernet frame (only ethernet is supported) into a Dictionary of more easily accessible attributes is the implementation of the captureInterface interface using pcapy's packet capture library pcapyWorkerThread is a very simple long living worker thread which will periodically call pcapy's "dispatch" Reader method
objects.gui.peerGridDisplay.peerGridDisplayCode generated by "Boa Constructor"
objects.gui.pictureSaverDialog.pictureSaverDialogThis class simply displays a "Save As" dialog, allowing the user to save the current ScreenShot to file
objects.gui.threads.redrawThread.redrawThreadThe redrawThread class will periodically refresh the screen sqlite3Impl class is the implementation of the storageInterface using SQLLite
objects.gui.startupSplashScreen.startupSplashScreenThis class is a simple wrapper to the wx.SpashScreen object interface to a Short Lived Database of TCP/IP data storageManager class is responsible for somehow storing a copy of all the captured TCP/IP data into the application's SQLite database storageWriterThread class is a long lived worked thread used by the storageManager class, whose job is to do the following things: 1) set the commit flag periodically and 2) check to see that the storage file has not exceeded its size storageWriterThread class is a long lived worked thread used by the storageManager class, whose job is to write a copy of all captured data to the SQLite database
objects.logic.common.subjectInterface.subjectInterfaceThe subjectInterface class follows a generic observer/subject pattern In reality the networkMonitor class acts as the observer, delivering a copy of all packets to various listeners
objects.logic.utils.timeUtil.timeUtilTime related formatting and conversion utilities
objects.gui.traceDisplayDialog.traceDisplayDialogCode generated by "Boa Constructor"

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